How to control negative emotions?

I’ve been talking about methods and strategies before. Today I’ll talk about emotions.

Whether it is high school students, college students or professionals, emotion is a barrier. High school students, especially, are always in a state of high pressure, accompanied by negative emotions. Once we can’t deal with the negative emotions well, we can’t use the structured thinking, the whole process optimization, or any other strategy, and the whole person’s state is in a mess. Of course, there is also a lot of pressure in the workplace. Even if you really do a good job, you still have the hope to get on the top of your life and marry Bai Fumei. But before that, if you think about the house price or the troublesome customers, you will be very upset and can’t settle down to do things.

In a word, if we can’t deal with negative emotions well, we can’t talk about everything.

So, how to control negative emotions?

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