How to choose between rich second generation and poor boyfriends

Some people read a large article, high and low inside and outside, four dimensions, after reading it, they just applauded.

Cheering is not the goal. Although I claim to be talking about cross talk, I am not talking about cross talk after all. What I need is not your “eh”.

In the final analysis, if you can use it to interpret the confusion in your daily life, work and study, that is the purpose.

For example, let’s take our title.

Female readers often ask how to see a person, or how to see a man.

I often say, listen to the Chinese, don’t listen to what he said, but listen to what he didn’t say.

In the same way, if you look at a person and see the part that everyone can see, it’s not to look. If you look at the part that everyone can’t see, it’s to look at people.

For example, two boys, one with ten apartments in his family and the other a young man in a small town, don’t need you to see what a matchmaker can do and what an intermediary can do.

What you have to do is to know people, that is, to see places that others can’t see.

Why do you think it’s the same investment, some people can buy potential stocks, some people can buy what they buy and fall what they fall?

If it’s accidental, it’s luck. If it’s regular, it means that the former sees what the latter doesn’t see.

Let’s talk about yesterday’s article, high and low, do you think this topic will help you?

I think you can use it. It’s hot and fresh. It’s fried and sold now.

In fact, the high and low inside and outside implies a common phenomenon, that is, the rich second generation is not easy to be grounded, and the young people in small towns are not easy to have long-term goals and decisive courage.

You pay attention to my wording. My wording is not easy.

It’s not easy, which means that once you have it, it’s scarce goods, or, more likely, potential stocks.

A rich second generation, you want him to have long-term goals, have extraordinary courage, these are very easy. Because he grew up in the environment, contact with people, it is easy to form this character.

But it’s very difficult for you to let him be grounded. He has never suffered and is quite arrogant. It’s very likely that people around him coax him into growing up.

In other words, it is difficult for him to re-examine the world with the mentality or perspective of a migrant worker.

And this is very difficult. Once he breaks through, he will be like a tiger.

You think, a person’s original advantage is that he has many resources, but his disadvantage is that he is easy to be fooled. If this point is made up, he will be able to have a strategic position, be down-to-earth, up and down, and thoroughly figure out what level of people.

Then this is not the second generation of the rich, or it is destined to be the next generation of the rich.

Again, let’s look at a small town youth.

What is the biggest advantage of small town youth? It’s earth gas. It’s easy to be grounded, because it’s not good to not be grounded. The environment will force you to be grounded.

If you want to have a bunch of beauties and a bunch of ponies to coax you like a childe every day, it won’t work.

No one to coax you, you are easier than anyone to come into contact with the cruelty and reality of the world.

But the shortcomings are also very obvious. People are exposed to too much cruelty, and become timid and shortsighted.

We see a lot of relocated households. Why is it that when they have a little bit of money, they are young and go away?

Because there have been too many hard times in the past, and hard times are the best way to kill people’s heroism.

It’s just like a person who has been locked up for a long time, and can’t help cutting the meat as soon as he gets rid of it. As a result, he didn’t expect to cut the meat just now, and in the twinkling of an eye, the price of others has increased by tens of thousands of times.

So on the other hand, if a small town youth has a long-term vision, firm will, dare to fight, neither humble nor overbearing, this kind of person is a potential stock.

He must have some qualities, which were originally in him, and the most unlikely qualities he had also appeared.

When these two kinds of people meet, that is the dragon and tiger list.

You will find that there are only two kinds of strong people in the world: a grounded rich second generation and a visionary young town.

In fact, the same way of looking at people can be used in another field.

Women look at men, employees look at the boss, investors look at the team, thinking is the same thing.

You should not only see the places that everyone can see. As I said earlier, certain characteristics are inevitable in certain circumstances.

It’s like a party A, an operator, sticking a banner in the company: respect partners.

The subtext is that they never respect their partners. That’s why they should emphasize it.

You can see this. It’s no use. It’s just like a party a who is arrogant. It’s nothing strange. As a party A, he will naturally be arrogant. Which supplier is arrogant? I can’t get up.

Operators don’t need to lose money, they don’t need to live on the market. Pride is born. Suppliers need people to make a living. If they can’t get the project, they have to close down. Humility is also innate.

However, it is rare for a party A to be humble and a supplier to do something or not.

It’s the rare things that deserve attention.

What do investors look for in the market every day? It’s just looking for rare things. It’s like Ma Weidu searching for things of Shang and Zhou dynasties all day. Why didn’t he look for those of last week?

In the same way, you should have a look at your boyfriend. He has what he shouldn’t have; You should have a look at your boss. He has what he shouldn’t have;

You have to take a look at the varieties you bet on. He has what he shouldn’t have.

Only when you see places that others can’t see, you can take advantage of them.

Because what is the biggest injustice in the world? I’ve said it 800 times. It’s the information gap. It’s the information gap between you and others.

If others can’t see it, if you see it, if others can’t understand it, if you understand it, then you are ma Weidu, then you win.

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