Have you ever thought about why it’s easy to seek priceless treasure, but rare to have a lover?

We have a reader, male reader, who read this sentence I mentioned twice. It’s easy to ask for priceless treasure, but it’s rare to have a lover.

He has a lot of feelings. On the other hand, his experience tells him that it’s one thing to seek priceless treasure easily and to have a love girl rarely.

So ask me, why?

In fact, this topic doesn’t matter whether there is a lover or a lover. It has nothing to do with men and women, and it has nothing to do with probability. What really matters is yourself.

Because I am a man and the reader is also a man, today we surpass the saying that there is a lover in it. We do not distinguish between men and women. We change this sentence to seek priceless treasure easily and seldom have a lover.

same thing.

Why is it easy to seek priceless treasure but hard to have a lover? Is the total number of lovers rare? Is that so?

Of course, but at the same time, it’s even rarer to see someone worthy of affection.

I don’t know if I can understand this sentence.

To put it bluntly, the attitude of others towards you is determined by you.

Zhang Liao is not loyal to Lu Bu, but Guan Yu is not loyal to Cao Cao. He is not willing to follow Liu Bei.

After all, Zhang Liao is still Zhang Liao, Guan Yu is still Guan Yu. You have to see who you are.

I said that few people can get used to thinking and changing themselves. People who can really develop this habit often have a high probability of changing their own destiny and will not be able to seek ways on the Internet.

I tell you, in the world, no one can rely on one heart and one mind to treat others, we will meet one heart and one mind to treat you.

Even Wang Sicong, who is dedicated to licking dogs, can’t do it.

Have you read the Great Gatsby?

The protagonist James katsben is a poor farmer’s son in North Dakota. He dreamed of becoming a great man when he was young.

After some hard work, he was promoted step by step and changed his name to Jay Gatsby.

When he was a lieutenant in a military training camp, he fell in love with Daisy fee, a girl from the south.

But when he returned from abroad after the war, wearing a military medal, Daisy had married Tom Buchanan, a stout, rich but rude dandy from Chicago.

Gatsby, who is addicted to the dream of love, works hard to become a millionaire from a poor officer. He bought a luxury villa at the west end of Long Island, facing Buchan farmer’s wife at the east end across the bay.

Every night his house was ablaze with lights, and groups of guests drank and enjoyed themselves. His only wish was to see his lover Daisy, who had been separated for five years.

When they meet again, Gatsby thinks that time can be turned back and the old dream can be revisited, but over time, he finds that Daisy is far from the person he dreams of.

But not long after this awakening, Daisy ran over her husband’s mistress and Tom blamed Gatsby. Gatsby was finally killed and Daisy didn’t come to the funeral.

You see, I would like to moon, but the moon shines on the ditch.

What do you compare with Gatsby?

Who played Gatsby? Little plum.

If nothing else, can you be as handsome as Xiao Li?

So handsome, so many gold, so talented, so inspirational, so perfect Gatsby, finally, was played by a woman, hung up.

It’s normal.

This is called probability.

You can’t conclude that women are as vain and indifferent as Daisy; You can’t expect to win every order you place.

What is winning the big prize?

When Liu Bei meets Guan Yu, he wins the grand prize.

You think Guan Yu is the mung bean of the supermarket. How many jin do you want to buy?

Guan Yu is like Google before it went public. You met it. It was the great luck of the ages. Liu Bei must have saved the galaxy in his last life, so he got this reward.

A man, lucky, listed forward Google, very hard, very diligent, super learning ability, firmly seize the opportunity not to let go, so has not been opened, after listing, he developed.

On the other hand, he had a lot of luck and went on the market to Google. He spent all his time making soy sauce and always thought that other home would be better. As a result, before going on the market, he was turned off and had nothing.

Liu Bei is the former. There are not many people who have luck, and even fewer people who grasp it. When fate arranged for him, Guan Yu was bound by his style of dealing with people.

For example, in the romance of the Three Kingdoms, when Guan Yu surrendered Cao, what did he do?

Write to each other, I am willing to give my head, to achieve the second brother your fame.

That is to say, I am not sure whether you are willing to abide by the original agreement of Taoyuan, but I do.

Even if you don’t abide by it, I will abide by it. I’ll always take you as my brother, because I’m down. The last thing I can give you is my head. If you can make your brother go smoothly in the future with this thing, I’ll do it, too.

What does Guan Yu feel after watching it?

Without a word, I’ve been riding alone for thousands of miles. This is really big brother! If I don’t mix with you, I’m sorry for this naturally red face!

Of course, this is Luo Guanzhong’s nonsense, but why do you think novelists do so?

He just wanted to tell future monarchs that if you want others to be so loyal to you, you should be worthy of this loyalty.

So he arranged such a bridge for Liu Bei, that is to tell you, don’t worry about others, do yourself well.

The loyalty and unfairness of others is the business of others. The loyalty and unfairness of yourself is your own business.

Liu Bei didn’t know what Guan Yu would do to him, but he was the first to be himself.

If Guan Yu wants to sell him in this way, he will be called LiuDi temple after thousands of years. He is the God. Everyone kneels down to him.

It’s actually the values that the novelist conveys to you.

As an ancient man, he did not learn science and still made a correct judgment. This judgment is that you can’t confirm what others will do to you at all, you can only confirm whether you are willing to abide by your own values.

As for the attitude of others, you can only solve it by breaking the monopoly.

In fact, when we look at Gatsby’s tragedy, what is the cause? A good man without a good wife? Because he was too good to be killed?

Of course not.

He insisted on monopoly. He insisted on Daisy’s monopoly on his feelings. He knew clearly that Daisy was a scum girl and still insisted.

What can I say? It’s his own choice to pursue benevolence, which has nothing to do with whether he is excellent or not and whether he has friendship with others.

Let’s look at Liu Bei in turn. Even if Guan Yu betrays, can he be dealt a fatal blow? Of course not.

Zhang Fei runs to Runan. Baba’s zhangecheng is waiting to meet his elder brother. Guan Yu comes to find him. He has a fight with Guan Yu because he doesn’t believe Guan Yu. He’s afraid that Guan Yu will harm him.

What does it mean? It shows that in Zhang Fei’s heart, the loyal second elder brother can’t catch up with the elder brother, and he believes in the elder brother more. Look how successful Liu Bei is!

If you look at Zhao Yun again, it’s the same.

The reason is very simple. If you do this, even if you are blind, are you blind?

What do we fear most?

What I fear most is that I have nothing and want everything. This topic is not about men and women, or both.

They all wanted to exchange their own 50 yuan for other people’s 100 yuan. In the end, they were trapped and said that there was no lover in the world.

If you think about it carefully, do you really want a lover? No, all you want is to take advantage.

I have a former colleague. When I was a yard farmer more than ten years ago, he was also a yard farmer. So far, no suitable one has been found.

On the issue of love and marriage, he thought about what he wanted, but he never thought about what others wanted?

He is not handsome, but must be beautiful, and good figure;

With the increase of his age, he is now 40, but his age requirement for the other party is always less than 25;

He didn’t buy a house and lived in his parents’ home, but hoped that his wife would buy a house with him and repay the loan;

He has been a yard farmer for more than ten years, hoping that his wife’s income is similar to his;


Of course, there are many, I will not list, such as good family, big city born, all kinds of it.

From the heart, it’s no problem to ask others. You don’t want to suffer losses. You can get a little more. Of course, if you can get more, it’s better.

That’s a good idea.

But the problem is, this kind of thinking, others will see it.

Do you understand?

Why can’t Cao Cao stop Guan Yu? It’s too late. It’s not the right time.

When Guan Yu cut Huaxiong with warm wine, Cao Cao looked for all kinds of opportunities to win him.

However, Liu Bei took him as his brother when he was a red faced man selling dates.

See the difference?

Cao Cao is doing business. He wants to pay less and get a huge return.

Liu Bei, you can say that his life is good or that it is fate. At least when you sell jujubes, you can’t see that you can get any light from Guan Yu.

Guan Yu is not stupid. What’s in your eyes? Don’t people understand?

Do you think girls are stupid? Can’t you see what light you want from someone else?

In fact, the reverse story is the same, girls are not stupid, boys are not stupid. No one is a fool, others when a fool, in the end will find that he is the big fool.

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