If you make a wrong decision, how can you get out?

This is a reader’s question. The message is as follows:

Xifeng wants to know how to get out if he makes a wrong decision?

According to the explanation of westerly wind:

  1. Decision making is not one-time, but a series of decisions, so the impact of one decision is not so great.
  2. The reason why some people regret that they didn’t buy a house before is that they don’t realize that they are still missing countless opportunities to get rich.
  3. Profit and loss are of the same origin. Only when you step on the pit can you know where the problem of your own mode of action lies.
  4. If you always insist on a certain point, it means that you have failed in other aspects, just like the yellow flag.
  5. The pattern is too small, only limited to stepping on the opponent, rather than the journey on the sea of stars.

But I have to say that some choices have a great negative impact on life. Sometimes I still can’t let go. How to solve the problem of westerly wind?

The specific thing is that I graduated from a certain 985 University. At the beginning, because I was in the province, I yearned to study since childhood.

After studying, the students said that they didn’t come here until they failed in the XXX exam, and I realized that my alma mater was a very low existence in other provinces.

Moreover, the formation of a “consensus” will have a real Matthew effect, as well as alumni factors. I feel that my efforts have been wasted for many years, and it has been very painful. After arguing with my classmates for a few years, I finally gave up persuading them and admitted that it was my own problem. “I should have applied for 985 in the first tier cities.”.

Later, he went to top 2 and didn’t care so much at first. He thought he had let go of his heart. But sometimes I hear that my alma mater is not as good as XXX. I’m still very angry. I understand a lot of reasons, but I’m still not happy. I ask for advice from Xifeng.


There was once a benefactor who had the same confusion. He found the old monk. How did the old monk enlighten him?

Very simple, the old monk asked him to pick up a bucket of water, and he picked it up.

After a while, his arm became more and more sore, but the old monk didn’t ask him to put it down, so he asked, master, when can I put it down?

The old monk asked, I just want to ask you, when can you put it down?

When you can put it down is up to you, no one can interfere. If you don’t put it down all your life, you say you just have to carry a bucket of water, eat, walk and sleep, even if the water stinks and the mosquitoes fly, congratulations. You have become a performance art.

In the future, you will be like a wandering master. Everyone will pass by you and take photos. You don’t need to look for a job in the future. You can stand at the corner of Qianmen building, put a small basin in front of you, take a picture and take ten pictures together. This is your iron rice bowl.

The key question is, do you want to live like this? If you want to, just pass. There’s nothing else to talk about.

As I said before, there are three kinds of personality.

One is that you are not distracted, but let others feel that you are distracted.

One is that they are not distracted, so that others can see that they are not distracted.

One is that I really lost my mind.

Liu Piao Piao in the king of comedy is the second kind. She doesn’t care about the performance, but the guests know that she doesn’t care.

So I can’t earn money, at least I can’t earn extra premium.

How did Stephen Chow teach her? Yin Tianqiu deserves to have seen “the self-cultivation of actors”, which is still professional.

What he taught Liu Piaopiao is the first: you are very romantic, but let the guests think you are very pure; You have no feeling for the guest, but let him find the feeling of first love.

So business is much better, big brother came to hold her up.

So what’s the worst? That’s the third.

People are floating in the river and lake. It’s not the point to sell yourself. The point is not to lose your heart. If you lose your heart, you will lose.

Life is like a play. It all depends on acting skills. Everyone comes to play. If you are serious, won’t you lose?

An actor with professional spirit, who has carefully studied “self cultivation of actors”, should understand that his duty is to provide feelings rather than indulge in his own feelings.

Just like a crosstalk actor, the audience friends don’t laugh, but you laugh first and then, do you want to have a mess?

Real “masters” never stick to the eyes of fans, and real “celebrities” never care about the audience’s comments.

He is the green tea sold out in the dessert shop. He is the real owner of the palace of Versailles. His movies make Jia Yueting, a generation of PPT masters, feel inferior to himself

Who is he?

Readers should have guessed that he is Guo Jingming.

Why can such a big dream fit in such a small body?

Because he doesn’t care, he is “sensitive”, he is “fragile”, he performs, he hypes, but he never cares.

Don’t think I’m laughing at him. I’m not. Or to put it more bluntly, do you think Guo Jingming will care if we laugh at him? Will you?

No, even if you think he cares, it must be his acting that makes you think he cares.

When you think you win, guess what he’s thinking?

If you can’t figure it out, you can go to the historical article about Shi Yuzhu and the video that interviewed him.

When you look back many years later, everything, interview, counseling, embarrassed smile, is well rehearsed, the script is clear, and the goal is clear.

This is the true sense of the businessman, acting skills, can go to get the Oscar, when you think you finally won or finally right, people in the heart smile.

Do you remember my words?

Everything you hear is arranged for you to hear, everything you see is arranged for you to see

Of course, I digress, which is far beyond what readers want to ask. I’m showing you what the other extreme looks like.

Our reader is very simple. She can’t let go of the knot when she was admitted to top 2.

If you can’t put it down, it’s very simple, so don’t put it down. You can carry that bucket of water all your life.

There is no standard answer in life. Some people are special axis, some people are special slippery. When the axis reaches the extreme, it is performance art. When the axis reaches the extreme, it is Guo Jingming and Shi Yuzhu.

You can also choose neither, choose a middle state, in a word, in a word, you are happy.

You choose the axis, the slide and the intermediate state. You choose you to be happy.

If you do not put down the bucket of water, then I can only think that you are in love with it, that is true love. Why should true love be put down?

Or, one day you still put it down, it can only show that it was not true love at the beginning.

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