Push two parents and children down from the 15th floor just to please junior?

Push two parents and children down from the 15th floor just to please junior?

In November 2020, a pair of younger brothers and sisters, less than three years old, fell from the 15th floor of Huafu community in Jinjiang, Chongqing and died. His father was crying and bumping into a wall downstairs. At one time, he was searched. Everyone thought it was an unexpected tragedy.

However, this incident did not end. One month after the incident, the police arrested his father and started a half year investigation and trial. Until recently, they began to file a public prosecution.

The reason for the prosecution is that the man is suspected of personally murdering his daughter and son, who are under three years old.


To tell you the truth, this result makes people a little confused. Tiger poison doesn’t eat son yet. What is the reason?

According to the results disclosed at present, it is to please Xiaosan. The biological father of the two children had an affair with his ex-wife during pregnancy, then divorced and was with his current third child.

According to the divorce judgment, a son and a daughter have been awarded to the ex-wife, and the man only needs to pay hundreds of thousands of alimony.

However, the junior didn’t give up after he took office. Instead, he urged the man to kill a couple of children of himself and his ex-wife by himself, and even conspired in the way of wechat chat and put it on record.

After plotting for a long time, they finally chose to drop the two children from the 15th floor and disguised as an accident.

To be honest, I’m a little confused to see this.

In terms of means of committing crimes, we can find any rotten film, such as Chinatown detective 3, in which there is a similar bridge section. Is a person falling from a height or being pushed down.

It’s easy to review. A person’s fall is different from being pushed down. The higher the floor, the greater the impact of your push on the final landing point, even if you push it very lightly.

And from the scene of the crime, the whole thing is incredible. The place where two children under three years old fell was very high and difficult to climb.

In theory, it is impossible for a baby to climb over the railings several times his height, open the windows and climb out, not to mention the joint action of his sister and brother.

Do you understand that? A person even in two five million, ghosts do not believe ah.

From the motive point of view, it is inconceivable that these two children are in the way of the G men and women. What’s the matter?

I can’t see it. They are divorced and their children are awarded to their ex-wife.

Moreover, the file shows that the man has money and several investments, totaling more than 20 million. A few hundred thousand alimony for my ex-wife. As for doing this kind of thing?

Then let’s take a look at this little three. This little three is very suspicious. She is in debt and has become a veteran.

An old woman who breaks up a family’s marriage for money can understand. But why encourage the man to kill his parents and children after success?

What’s in the way of these two children?

I really don’t understand. If you say it’s in the way of her child’s inheritance right, it will be many years later. For a vague possibility that can’t be seen at the moment, using this extreme method… This person is not mentally ill.

If she’s not mentally ill, there’s only one possibility. She wants to get the money quickly.

Do you want to marry this man, then cheat him to kill his son, so that he can be sentenced to death, and finally inherit this man’s property to offset his debts?

This analysis is the most convincing I can think of at present. If that’s the case, you can shoot Chinatown detective 4.

But to tell you the truth, with such a crazy and stupid way of committing a crime, how can this woman be sure that she can retreat completely?

Finally, how did this man make more than 20 million yuan? Is money so easy to earn? Is he inherited? Is his father such a disciplined son? Or is he lucky enough to pick it up on the road?

A person with at least 20 million killed his two children under three years old for the sake of an old Lai Xiaosan. I’ve gone through history and found nothing like that.

Chen Shimei’s purpose is to gain the power of the princess. In other words, he believes that he will not be punished for killing his wife and son for the princess.

Liu Ao, the most mentally abnormal emperor in history, trusted Zhao Feiyan’s sister and allowed Zhao Hede, Zhao Feiyan’s sister, to execute his concubines who had children.

This is tacit consent at most, tacit consent to the small three to kill their own children, but also not to kill their own children, right?

What was this man born into? Vicious and stupid? What’s going on in his head?

A lot of people on the Internet are asking for the G men and women to be executed immediately. If they are executed, they must be executed. This kind of disaster, which is so insane and so ungrateful that human beings can’t understand, is there any way to celebrate the Chinese new year without being executed?

The question is, before execution, be sure to pry open their mouths and find out what the two animals are thinking?

The greatest value of such extremely bad cases lies in the repetition of the front car and the lesson of the back car.

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