The skills of pursuing girls

In our life, we rarely meet a girl who makes our heart beat. Usually we will pursue her at this time, but we always encounter some headache problems in the process, such as: how do we know that my sister also likes me? Why did I chase for a long time and still didn’t get it? When should I tell her? Today we are going to give you three suggestions.

Once the target appears, start at once

If you fall in love with a girl, you have to chase her all the time. Don’t chase her for a while. If you chase this one today and that one tomorrow, the girl’s intuition is accurate and very sensitive. If you don’t really pursue her, she will notice it. So you should first make sure of this goal, and then try to chase it, from the heart, not the hypocrisy, In the process of pursuit, there are some body movements to make the girl feel your love, such as crossing the road, holding hands, stroking her hair, etc. if the girl smiles when she sees you and is very shy when she looks at you, then there must be a play. At this time, don’t be afraid to go up and express your love, or she will be chased away one day, It’s too late for you to regret.

Get the contact information and make further contact

If you meet more and more times and talk about more and more topics, you can ask for your sister’s contact information at this time, which is convenient for you to contact later. If you can get there smoothly, don’t call immediately, at least in two days. Let her know that you have her in mind, When talking, you should show that you are very happy with her and have a deep impression on her. You can also say something nice to praise her, but don’t keep talking to avoid making the other party think you are talking too much. After a while, you can end the call. It’s better for you to take the initiative to hang up and explain that you have the initiative.

Don’t date too often

After several phone calls, you can find a suitable time to make an appointment to meet. You must pay attention to your image on the first date. It’s better not to mention your ex when chatting, unless your sister takes the initiative to mention it. After the date, you should send the girl home and don’t pester her all day. It’s also a skill to chat with her. As their relationship gets better and better, You can send some small gifts on holidays or your sister’s birthday. From time to time, you can have a little romance and surprise. If you do all the above, you will not be far away from success.

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