Men don’t understand! Why do women change?

In love, you can often hear boys complain, and girlfriends’ ideas change. One second is a fine day, and the next is a rainy day. Why women are always so fickle? Is it really a mystery in the world?

Xiaobian once read a book, which made some in-depth analysis of the reason why women are fickle. She thinks that women are not fickle, but think in different ways. For example, when a man thinks about an event, he thinks in the quickest way (straight line); When women think about a problem, they will complicate it. For example, if a woman is not good to a man, then a man may think, did I offend her by speaking, or why I made her angry. He can’t figure out the answer all day, but he knows he is wrong.

But when a man is not good to a woman, the woman will think, is he cheating, or does not like her, is it bad temper, or… Or… And then full of all kinds of complaints and suspicions. Therefore, women are more suspicious. Even if the man speaks clearly to the woman, the woman always insists on her idea. This is also the so-called sixth sense, or intuition. Often these so-called intuitions directly promote their fickleness.

Compared with men, women are more emotional and emotional. They are easily influenced by the people and things around them and shake their original ideas. And the younger the age, the less assertive and immature the woman, the more fickle she is. A woman always looks forward to the unlimited love of diversity, and when she can’t get it, she will keep looking for it.

However, the girl’s occasional “work” proves the girl’s simplicity and simplicity, because her weather is uncertain. You don’t have to think about it. You can see from her expression that men are more relaxed? Perhaps you are not careful, you ignore, what she is not satisfied with, you just need to understand the reasons, improve and make up.

Sometimes, women’s fickleness is the expression of lack of security. In the relationship between the two sexes, women are mostly in a weak position. Her sensitivity and change are actually a means to protect herself. She may be hiding something.

Sometimes, her changes just hope to attract men’s attention and attention, hope you care more about her feelings, she wants you to understand her real thoughts.

Sometimes, it’s the man who let the woman down. He doesn’t have the strength to give her what she wants. She is hesitating. She felt that she had not found the right person and that the man had not conquered her.

Sometimes, it’s because this woman is playing games at the beginning. She doesn’t love you, or she doesn’t love you anymore. Naturally, her changes are expected.

Sometimes, it’s because of a woman’s physiological and psychological period that her emotions are fluctuating without any reason. The only thing that women don’t change is that they are fickle. This is the weakness of human nature.

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