How to see two people have ambiguous, we must pay more attention to these details

Some people feel that there are two people who seem to be in love, but they don’t seem to be in love. If two people feel like this to others, it shows that the two people are having an affair. Next, let’s make it up with you to have a deep understanding!

1. Ambiguous two people always have a way to transfer the unique current between them

Ambiguous two people even in the crowd, there is always a way to pass the unique current and secret feelings between them. Maybe it’s a look in the dark, maybe it’s a tacit understanding of a smile, maybe it’s some small actions in private, these small interactions inadvertently distinguish them from the people around them, and always take this as a pleasure, thinking that they can avoid other people’s sight. Actually, if you observe carefully, it’s easy to find out.

2. Ambiguous two people “born with feeling”

After all, the two ambiguous people are not two complete people who have no intersection. There is an indescribable connection between them, that is, they feel different from the ordinary relationship. Two people will avoid each other’s eyes, but they can’t help looking at each other secretly. There will be a distance between them, not too close, not too close, but they can always observe each other, and sometimes they will show a tacit understanding. By observing the eye contact between two people, we can see that when a group of people walk together, they will feel that they are a small whole. This is because they keep a distance from each other that puzzles others. In private, they are eager to distinguish them from others, so they will naturally show their feeling of being a small whole.

3. “Inadvertent” test

To make some small accidents, the suspect should be present at the same time. For example: upset the milk, scald each other, or other small accident happened accidentally, observe their eyes in a tense atmosphere. It’s even more obvious if you’re trying to protect each other. I can’t say it’s love, but at least it’s partial. Ambiguous two people always unconsciously favor each other. Because in their eyes, each other and others are different.

4. Ambiguous two people always avoid others whisper

Ambiguous two people always avoid others whispering, as if to say something only between them understand the topic. In this way, they have more topics to communicate with than others. Inevitably, they have more communication with each other than with others, and they have more common interactions. Only in this way can they have their own unique topics and tacit understanding.

5. Ambiguous two people, always looking for opportunities to be alone

Ambiguous two people, always looking for opportunities to be alone. For example, in group activities, they will volunteer to buy water for everyone; Look for the presence of the other party when entering the party, and wait for the other party when the party is over. It shows that they have a tacit understanding and enjoy it.

6. Some things, without words, can be revealed in eyes, micro expressions and behaviors

Ambiguous two people are very interested when others talk about one of them, or deliberately do not look up, do not speak; Two people’s atmosphere is very match; What two people can say, they just don’t say, but what they say to the third person seems to be for the other party. They can keep a distance, but it seems like they want to cover up. In short, some things, without words, can be revealed from the eyes, micro expressions and behaviors. In addition to careful observation of the ambiguous parties, casual exploration, and trusting intuition, you can also watch some books or movies on psychology, micro expression, and behavior, and recommend the Korean movie “human poisoning”.

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