What kind of men do women like? Such a man is a woman’s favorite.

Want to be a good man? Don’t know what kind of men women like? Let’s have a look! Strive to be a perfect man!

Handsome appearance:

Although many people advocate inner beauty, they still rely on the first feeling when they fall in love and make friends. The first feeling is that they need appearance to fill the scene. Only when they feel good can they have the idea of in-depth understanding. Therefore, handsome men must be popular, and men should pay more attention to facial care. They should dress up fresh and natural.

Strong body:

In addition to good appearance, women also like muscle men very much, so when you have spare time, you must go to exercise more. The gym is the best choice. Of course, if you don’t have time, you can run and do push ups in any place. If you practice your muscles, you won’t be afraid of having no girlfriend~

Charming smile:

Charming smile is one of the most lethal weapons. Especially when we meet for the first time, we can show some teeth when we smile, which gives us a warm and intimate feeling. If we have dimples, it will be more perfect~

Gentle temper:

Temper must be good. I believe no girl will like a man who loses his temper all day long. Even if you yell in front of others, remember to restrain your bad temper in front of the woman you like.

Stable work:

It’s very important to have a stable job, not to mention whether it’s good or bad. At least it should be stable. Only in this way can a girl feel at ease with you, and at least she can have a good meal. Therefore, we must choose the best and consider stability in our work.

Special focus:

No woman will like a playful man. As a man, you must be single-minded. Since you like this woman, you should be responsible for her in the end, instead of being fond of the new and tired of the old, and continue to associate with other women. I believe you can sit here!

Self motivated:

It’s not enough to have a stable job. Men must be enterprising. If they have a job, they must pursue promotion opportunities. If they don’t have a job, they must work hard to find a job. If they have the conditions, entrepreneurship will attract the attention of girls. Find a girl who can manage money and invest to start a business together!

Can cook:

Now in this society, there are fewer and fewer girls who can cook. If you are a boy who can cook, I believe you will be favored by a large number of girls. Of course! The premise is to make enough delicious ~ you can learn more desserts, because girls like this very much.


The girl said half a sentence, you can know the following meaning, of course, this is very powerful, understanding boys who all like, but you need to think more about women, free time can read more analysis of women’s psychology books.

Know how to take care of people:

Finally, when it comes to caring, now many girls are little princesses, who are not very good at housework, cooking or housework. As a boy, you should take care of her, teach her and be considerate of her.

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