Can you still be friends after breaking up? There’s a trick to being friends after a breakup.

Can you still be friends after breaking up? After being lovelorn, do you want to continue to be friends with your ex, or do you want to stay away from me? Many people have to face such a choice. That’s what we’re going to talk about today.

Can you still be friends after breaking up

You can’t answer yes or no one-sided about whether you can still be friends after breaking up. Different people have different situations, and different people have different opinions

The first point of view: that after breaking up can do business friends, not in the benevolence.

It’s no big deal to break up. After all, I’ve known each other and many friends are good. After breaking up, you can find a new friend to chat to divert your attention. After everything is on the right track, you have completely recovered yourself. If you think it is necessary to make ordinary friends with him, and will not have any interference and influence on yourself and the other party, then you can try to be ordinary friends.

The second point of view: that can not be friends after breaking up, after breaking up to be friends is not conducive to wound healing.

Divided, false blessing each other can have a happy ending, give this relationship a perfect ending, and then quietly lick their wounds, continue the next section of the joys and sorrows, your world without me, my future no longer have you. If I’m still a friend, how can the wound heal and how can I start a new life.

What’s more, if you are hurt in a new relationship, you will always involuntarily think of your last relationship, that person, those memories. If you are still a friend at this time, you may dial his / her number, say a few words, or even come out to meet a friend. These are very normal things. But in the conversation between two people, listening to the person you once loved talking about your pain, Are you in a good mood? Not to mention, let each other’s lover know, will cause some bad influence.

Whether or not to be friends after breakup: related to breakup strategy

After the breakup, whether the lovers can forget the past and become ordinary friends has a lot to do with the early breakup strategy. If you can treat each other sincerely, at least you will not be enemies at the end of the breakup. In addition to the normal psychological state of sadness and loss, you will not have extreme emotions such as resentment and anger.

For example, if it is a friend relationship before falling in love, when breaking up, the person who proposes to break up tends to adopt a more moderate way of breaking up and have a long talk with the other party, rather than fighting a cold war, alienating the other party or doing some excessive things to force the other party to break up.

Can you be a friend after breakup: with whom to break up

If both parties are willing to break up, rather than one party’s initiative, then it is easier for two people to continue to be friends after breaking up. In this kind of situation, generally both sides are dissatisfied with the relationship and have less dependence on each other. Therefore, breaking up is not a bad thing for both parties, and it may even be a relief. There are also survey results show that when the man proposes to break up, the two are more likely to be friends.

Can we be friends after breaking up: need to be friends after breaking up for a while

It may be difficult to curb the idea of continuing to connect with the ex after breaking up, but it is often more painful than disconnection. Keeping in touch is easy to remind you of your ex and arouse the idea of getting back together with TA. If you see the message sent by the other party, you will feel that the other party will also care about yourself, so that you have a composite hope.

Some people who break up voluntarily may be reluctant to cut off contact for profit reasons, such as using the other party’s ability to help their career development. This kind of behavior usually causes great harm to the person who is separated, because the other party always makes them feel that there is a chance to get back together, but this is not the case.

Therefore, after the breakup, the person who is broken up should not immediately respond to the contact of the other party, let alone take the initiative to contact. When you can completely break up the idea of compound, and can be independent and no longer attached to the other party, it is time to renew the friendship.

Can we be friends after breaking up: with the support of relatives and friends

If parents and peers can show their support, instead of asking “aren’t you still together after breaking up”, it can also reduce the embarrassment of being friends after breaking up. In addition, if the two sides have the same circle of friends, it is easier to continue to play happily in the future, which is actually the reason why homosexuals are easy to change from lovers to friends after breaking up.

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