What should I do if I can’t put it down? Teach you how to get rid of the pain of lovelorn.

Love is something everyone will experience. Lovelorn is often heard around us. What if we can’t let go of our predecessors and forget the past? Here, let me give you some advice.

Don’t get tangled up

If you want to break up, please don’t get tangled up and don’t do it. Whether he is a boy or a girl, he will be more and more tired of you when he breaks up with you. If you cut the mess quickly, sometimes you will regret it; Even if it can’t be retrieved, you will have a good impression in TA’s mind.

Don’t commit suicide

Open a newspaper at random, you can see that so and so committed suicide for love, sad in heart, the lovelorn left, but nothing can be retrieved, but left a lifetime of trauma to the family of the lovelorn. Even if he regrets it, it’s only temporary. He will soon recover and be good with others.

Don’t retaliate

Some people are lovelorn, they always want to revenge. There’s a lot of news about this, but it’s not advisable. Everyone has his own freedom and power to love. The lovelorn may really revenge on the other side, but the deepest hurt is himself and his relatives.

Give yourself a vacation

After lovelorn, please give yourself a holiday and adjust your mind. Your life was sunny before, but how to get out of the rainy season? You need to take time to think about how to get into work or a new relationship as soon as possible.

Learn to forget

I know a lot of people can’t forget, I used to, after all, love so deep. But a lot of things can’t help themselves, not you alone, everyone is like this. It’s irreparable, so you have to forget it. People should learn to forget.

After breaking up, make friends according to the situation

After breaking up, you will care about a problem, that is, do you still want to be a friend? It varies from person to person and from situation to situation. Some are suitable to be friends; Some of the best not to contact, become a stranger. Which are suitable and which are not? If you are interested, please refer to my experience.

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