Women can’t put down a person’s performance, as a man, you know?

Love is always fascinating, maddening and incomprehensible. When you are the most suitable season for love, you love what you love, but the other person doesn’t love you the most. When you pass the season when you want to fall in love most, the one who loves you most appears, but he is not your favorite. People who attach great importance to feelings are those who only want to fall in love once in their life, but most of the time things go against their wishes. It seems that the lucky hand is always passing by and can only choose to be painful and happy. Today, Xiaobian brings four performances that a woman can’t put down a person. If your woman can’t put down her predecessor, do you know? Let’s get to know.

She said she was very happy now, but in fact she was more miserable than anyone else

Women are always strong in appearance, unreasonable in mouth, but extremely weak in heart; For those who love you deeply, there is no expression of tenderness on their face; People who dislike themselves are always indifferent to each other.

When the beloved leaves her, as long as she loves him enough, even if she loses face and identity, she will beg him not to leave. If really separated, she had only one person to cry silently, for a long time can not forget.

When one day suddenly met him, he asked her how she is now, she would say: “I am now very good, very happy.”. But the moment she turned away, her heart was more painful than anyone else. She won’t beg him to love herself again, that’s fine.

A few years later, she still has all the memories of him

Many women miss her first love very much, which is the purest and happiest moment in her life. With the passage of time, I can never find the sincere love when I was young. If she once loved someone deeply, even after several years of separation, her heart always hides the shadow of never forgetting him.

Although she knows that he already has his love, but she is still alone, for it is the original love, even she does not know why she is still holding the loyalty silently. When she meets another he who she seems to have met before, she will open her heart and open her heart for the second time!

In her n love affairs, she still felt that he was the best

People’s emotions are really strange, especially women. Although she broke up again and again, and changed her new partner again and again, she still felt that her first job was the best. Maybe she has been hurt for him, she needs the comfort of love, but after every love, she gets hurt again and again.

Perhaps, each time the lovelorn let her heart cast a layer of hurt shadow; No matter how many men fall in love with her, they are just the seasoning for her wounds; No matter how good they are to her, she always feels that he used to be the best in her heart.

She could not bear to put him down, and would not say a word to others

After a few years of separation, she still can’t let go of the man who once loved her deeply, because her love for him is more unforgettable and can’t be forgotten all her life. When all her family and friends ask her why she is single after all these years, she will never tell them why.

Even her closest friends have no way to know why she is. Blind date after blind date, date after date, the men exhausted the means, also can’t move her heart. Thirty, you don’t marry. Thirty five. Are you ready to marry?

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