Six things men do in love

1、 Afraid of no power, no power, no money

The eldest husband should not be without power for a day, and the youngest husband should not be without money for a day. A man is born with a strong desire for control. He wants to be a leader, a boss and adored. A man’s bearing is mostly based on his life experience, status and mind. Imagine: the emperor who lost his crown, the soldier who lost his battlefield, the athlete who lost his racket, the idol who lost his admirer, the second generation ancestor who lost his wealth… What is it? It can be seen that men’s charm is also accumulated like medicine, and it also depends on the materials and medicine, otherwise, it is just a bowl of water.

Second, I’m afraid I don’t have enough to talk about

Most of them like to read reference news, watch news broadcast, and care about the world situation and what happens on the moon and Mars. Even the men who drive taxis love to talk with you about the candidates for the Politburo when they have nothing to do, just like he is really the master of this country.

Third, fear of their quasi violent complex nowhere to vent

If your husband is addicted to football or boxing, you should be glad. Because experts say: testosterone, a hormone in men, determines that they accumulate more violent, competitive and stimulating complex than women. They need channels to vent their feelings. Do you want them to become another form of violence?

I’m afraid you will criticize his parents

The wife who often says “what’s wrong with your mother…” and “I’m much better than your mother” makes her husband afraid. Remember, never want to be more virtuous than his mother.

  1. Fear of marriage

It’s not that he doesn’t need the convenience provided by his family, but that he is afraid of the troubles brought by his family. In their opinion, the requirement of love is not high, as long as two people know how to love each other, but marriage is different, which can make both people hurt. Therefore, it is a good choice to only love without marriage, which can not only ensure the attraction between people who love each other, but also avoid a lot of trouble.

  1. He is afraid to be suspected of his sexual ability

Before a man goes to bed with a woman who is close to him, he must show her how powerful he is in that aspect, just like the program preview. Once you have the experience of sexual failure, no matter how arrogant or crazy the man is, he will be humble for a while.

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