Men who have been single for too long can’t touch them

If a man is single for more than a year, you may have to be careful that he is never as attractive as he looks. He has been single for a long time, but it is very likely that he will find that he is a far away thing.

Amanda, the imperial sister, summed up her 30-year love struggle, one of which was particularly impressive. She said that for ghosts and returnees, if they can’t make it within a year, they will give up immediately. The reason is that it only takes one year for them to learn all the bad habits of domestic men. They are stingy and don’t want to be responsible. It’s boring.

Another reason is that it has something to do with itself. That is, if you can’t hold this man, you should let him go as soon as possible. Don’t look at how good the man’s condition is, how face he brings out, and how he can satisfy your fantasy. The fact is, you can’t hold the man you can’t hold. In your eyes, he is like a wind, come and go as you want, your mood will always follow his words. In his eyes, you just come and go at once. When I think of it, I will tease him, but I can never let him worry.

Do you believe such a man will be serious with you? Will you walk hand in hand in the sun? You are just a bird in his hand. Instead of becoming his pet, it’s better to cut love with a sword and find a man suitable for him after labor.

Amanda said that overseas people are not interested, and domestic men are troublesome enough, but this definition can be extended to another law that makes people collapse: if a man is single for more than a year, you may have to be careful that he will never be as attractive as he looks.

When you are complacent, you find a golden bachelor who looks almost perfect and tells you elegantly that he has been single for a long time, but you are likely to find that he is just a far away and near smelly thing.

Many people in the society think that most of the leftover women have their own problems. This conclusion is quite arbitrary, but to some extent, it has its own truth. Because in the army of leftover women, some of them are left because of their own reasons. If she doesn’t correct it, she may be left all the time. This Law applies to men who have been single for a long time. No matter what kind of conditions he has, the almost perfect exterior is just a beautiful coat, which can never cover up his inner defects.

The four stages of men

In a new book called men are mentally retarded, the author mentions the four stages of a man’s single life

The first stage is full of fighting spirit and hope, thinking that all women can be captured by hand, just don’t want to. In reality, such men are mostly prodigal in love. If you want to catch him, think about it. First, they have confidence in their own means; Second, trust him to nod and let you be his terminator; Third, in case of failure, we should be able to bear the worst consequences.

In the second stage, I think that I have unlimited opportunities, and I rise to a peak of self-awareness. At this time, men generally have a certain amount of capital after a period of experience. In other words, with external conditions, let him more able to pretend B. By this time, he had the basic conditions for a golden bachelor.

In the third stage, knowing that her ex girlfriend has found a new boyfriend, she is anxious and starts to work hard. She is sure that a woman will not turn a blind eye to herself. Maybe it’s to make his ex girlfriend feel something, maybe it’s to prove his charm. Men in this period have a kind of unexplained persistence towards women. Maybe he can’t tell why. If you bump into it foolishly, then be ready to be a nanny, a teacher and a bosom sister. After a while, you’ll know that he’s nothing but a male in bed.

The fourth stage is full of hunger and thirst for all the beauties passing by. I can’t help but go up and overturn them. Men in this period have passed the period of coaxing women. He doesn’t have the patience and doesn’t want to spend the thought on you. He knows the things between men and women best, but he is willing to let you know. Others, he has his own principles and will not break them for you. In a word, he just wanted to find one who just fit in, followed by the one who simply doesn’t care, and the one who can be grasped by him.

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