If you encounter problems in your life, you might as well listen to your parents’ suggestions

My daughter, 27 years old, has just resigned from a first tier city and returned home because she is three months pregnant. He is 28 years old, and I am a local. Two years ago, my friend introduced me to him. At that time, we met a few times, but there was no follow-up, and there was no contact between us. This year, I was contacted again to express my regret. He works in our local electric power company. His appearance and height are tolerable. He has a house and a car. He and his married sister are the only people in his family. To tell you the truth, the landlord is not young, and his family urges him to get married. It’s just that he’s well-off, and he’s honest and hardworking, so we’re together.

It’s also bad luck to say that one of my roommates in the safety period was unexpectedly pregnant. He was very happy, told both parents and discussed marriage. It’s nothing early, but now after taking wedding photos and ordering diamond rings, I regret day by day. I’m struggling every day when I’m three months pregnant. Because his parents work and live in the factory, so I live in my own home after I go home. He comes every day after work. But to tell you the truth, I never look him in the eye, and I’m impatient to talk to him, not to mention that he touches me. I’m disgusted to the extreme.

Maybe some people will say, since you hate him so much, why do you want to be pregnant? Pregnancy is just an accident, my menstruation has always been regular, the pregnancy doctor said that the month of pregnancy ovulation late four days, maybe this is life. Besides, in the early stage of love, I still had a good feeling for him. Although there were several things that made me unhappy, they didn’t take them seriously. To sum up, the reason why I dislike him is one word. Although the owner of the building is a single parent family, my mother felt that she owed me and my sister since childhood, so she never owed me money and material. After graduation, I have been living in the first tier cities. Although I don’t spend money like water, at least I eat as much as I want, buy as much as I want, and make friends as well. I don’t haggle over small money.

At that time, I was still working in Shenzhen, so I asked for leave to see him. During this period, I ate in my home, never went out to eat, watched a movie, that’s all. The day I left, he came with a bag and said that his father asked him to buy me something to eat and drink. As soon as I saw it, there were five or six jars of jiaduobao in the bag. It was a box issued by their unit. He had been on the car all the time! There is nothing else. It means that I bought you more than seventy yuan of snacks. That’s enough. As I said before, I’m not a fussy person. I don’t have much money to buy food and drink. I didn’t say anything.

Not long after returning to Shenzhen, Tanabata, I’m looking forward to it. I also forwarded a Swarovski advertisement in my circle of friends. As a result, he sent me a red envelope of 5.20 on the same day, which made me ha ha at that time. However, I don’t want to be thought that I love money, so I don’t have a seizure.

After coming back for more than a month, my aunt did not visit. After checking, she was pregnant. I called him, but I was very happy. I informed both parents, and they were very happy, so I began to urge me to resign and go home to get married. Because my working ability is pretty good, and I’m a hotel manager. The boss also thinks highly of me and asks me to leave in a month, so I have to promise.

During this period, he never bought me the same food. Yes, it’s different from other places. However, you can’t send it by Taobao? Not to mention all kinds of B-ultrasound, check and give me a cent. At this time, I realized that he was a bit stingy. One day my brother-in-law went shopping in HK and bought some Hua Mei for my sister. It’s a famous brand in Hong Kong. It’s very expensive. It’s 30 yuan or two. My brother-in-law bought it for more than 100 yuan. In the video that night, I joked that I also wanted to eat 30 yuan or two of plum. He promised me very freely and immediately sent me a red envelope. Open it, thirty! I was so angry at that time that I said, oh, just buy one or two, right? He may feel embarrassed and send another 200 yuan. In other words, we have come to this point now. He has always given a red envelope without transferring it.

I’ve arranged for him to come here to take wedding photos and order diamond rings. Before he came, my mother told him that I had a good eye on one of the sixteen, and asked him to buy it for me. As a result, we went to the store for half a day and cut the price for half a day. It was not easy to cut the price to 15000. People were ready to write a list. He said in my ear that I didn’t have so much money. At that time, I was embarrassed. Everyone who had been to the jewelry store knew that several shopping guides were around you. They were extremely enthusiastic. And he didn’t say a word after picking for so long. He didn’t say no money until he had to pay. I’m not happy about that. Finally, I swiped my card and told him that the money must be returned to me. However, my heart is still very upset, because my mother has told him in advance, he is still like this, doesn’t he deliberately don’t want to buy it? This matter has been choked in my heart and I can’t let it go. Later one day when we quarreled, I finally couldn’t help saying it. His reason was that his mother said that you had a crush on him, but I didn’t know that if you had a crush on him, you had to buy it. ha-ha!

Cut in something that has nothing to do with picking. The first time I went home, I saw a stranger on his mobile phone. When I opened it, I found all kinds of female friends. I didn’t see the chat record. I was very surprised at that time. I didn’t play Momo, because I was disgusted when I heard that it was a magic weapon, and I also resented the people around me playing it. I always thought that he was very honest. At that time, I asked him if he knew that Momo was an artifact of Yue gun. He said he didn’t know. I said that’s good. You unload it and don’t play any more. He promised and unloaded it. However, I saw Momo on his mobile phone when he came over during the 11th National Day. I was very angry at that time and asked him why he installed it again. He could not say it, but just explained powerlessly that he just installed it and didn’t play. I ha ha, is that the reason? Can I take off my clothes, sleep with other men and say I’m just taking off my clothes?

I have been living in my home since I came back. He still hasn’t given me a cent for food, clothing and housing. Soon, it’s time to go to the hospital to build a register, and then have an antenatal examination. Call him to accompany me to the hospital, funny is that the doctor said the first birth examination to more than 1000, he immediately said in my ear not so much money. So I just did a few tests and came back. On the way, he also talked about it, which means that our mother’s generation had a baby without prenatal examination, and said whether some examinations were unnecessary, and whether the doctor hacked his money. I said, I’m not willing to give up this little money now. I’m a flawed child in my life. How much money do you have to take to fill it in your life?

In addition, before I became pregnant, I once thought about breaking up and talked to him about it. I said that we had too different views on consumption, which was not suitable. I didn’t want to quarrel over trivial money in the future. His attitude was that I would be in charge of all the money in the future and he said he was willing to change it. So we broke up and got pregnant by accident. However, I haven’t seen him hand in his salary card for such a long time. I asked him that he hadn’t paid his salary for several months. The night before yesterday, I asked him if he hadn’t paid his salary. He began to say that he hadn’t paid his salary. I asked him the second time that he had only paid for one month. I said, don’t you think you should give me some money? He took his mobile phone to turn a thousand for me, and I got angry immediately. What do you mean? When I was in love, I promised my salary. Now I’ll go back, right? He gave me the card after a fire. However, my heart has been cold for a long time. If I thought he would be willing to give up when he had children before, I understand now. In his heart, nothing is important!

Now I don’t want to look at him any more. I’ll shake him off when he pulls my hand, not to mention that he wants to have a room with me three or four times after he’s pregnant. My mother told me that if I was so tired of him now, I would induce my child to give birth and not get married as soon as possible. But I didn’t dare to tell her that I had abortion when I was in college, and the induced labor hurt too much. I was too old to be born in the future. In my heart, I don’t want to spend my life with such people. What should I do???

I’ve decided not to break up with my children. I’m going to have a talk with my mother tonight! I talked with my mother, but she didn’t agree. The reason is that he looks good, his income is acceptable, and his family are honest. 2、 I’m too old to induce labor, and I’m afraid I can’t find it. I feel loveless now.

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